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Professional Direction Model.


Currently, all companies consume and depend on technology to be more competitive in the market, and the investments made in information technology projects, unfortunately in most statistics indicate that the 75% of IT projects,  present a deviation, in economics, delivery times and quality of 60% in the best of cases.


Due to this background, at E.S.S, through the use of technology and experience, we took on the task of developing a project management model that would allow diagnosing, monitoring, predicting and correcting deviations in projects, and being able to support companies. to generate success stories and the achievement of their business plans, through the best practices of various methodologies of the IT project development and management branch, based on the needs and size of each Project.


Based on the actions taken, E.S.S. we have created the MD-PRO model with a business vision, to protect all the investments made in technology projects carried out by companies, the MD-PRO is made up of intelligent algorithms and the use of technology state-of-the-art for the generation of strategic reports and behavioral projections for adequate decision-making and timely management of risk mitigation, and to obtain as a final result an impact on the economic, planning and quality results of the companies' IT projects .


1.-Planning de Projects based on needs.


2.-Safeguard, protect and conserve budgets.

3.-Delivery of results in a timely manner.

E.S.S, our main interest is to do successful business, so all our services are managed by MD-PRO and aimed at complying with the three main rules of the management model:

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