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E.S.S all our services are based on our specialized project management model, which guarantees deliveries with the expected quality, in the planned time and with the assigned budget so that the returns on investment in technology provide the planned results.










Based on the extensive experience obtained from the implementation and development of IT solutions, we have created a professional management model in Project Management, which was developed with a focus on the management of technological projects, and with the ability to integrate planning , execution and administration from a logistical, technological and financial point of view, monitoring their behavior at all times, identifying deviations, forecasting trends and learning from the factors that impact them considering a full understanding of the environment and technological trends in conjunction with agile methodologies to achieve "Successful Projects".


Projects Direction.



direccion de proyectos

IT Solutions.

Information is one of the most important assets of your company and timely management at the right time and place represents an asset that generates value and competitiveness, for this, we implement a solution according to your technological ecosystem and your needs without neglecting technological sustainability.


  • software factory

  • Staffing

  • Closed or turnkey projects

Digital Services

The need to exchange information in multiple formats has been a constant process in the evolution of societies to support their development. In the current era, digital and multimedia information resources have increased the diversity of information, which represents changes for the development, organization, visibility, distribution, dissemination and communication of these resources.

E.S.S we help you create the scenarios that allow correct communication between the info environment and society that demands the intensive use of information services and resources with the support of information and communication technologies (ICT) with the aim of growing your business. on the Internet and Social Networks.

Analytics and Trend BI

We generate comprehensive solutions in business intelligence  for companies that want a single platform to develop a complete business analysis throughout the organization through a scalable and comprehensive solution in any setting and environment.

Processes Automation

One of the great challenges for all  companies  is productivity, and from this perspective, properly managing processes is increasingly important. Due to this need, we analyze and promote the automation of its processes with the objective of  having real-time information at hand that is accessible to all personnel involved in the operation; its use in the process provides a set of communication, computer and office equipment techniques used in order to increase the productivity and quality of the operation management.

The main benefits of process automation are  "increase the efficiency of routine administrative processes" and "increase the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative activity, improving human performance in the face of complex and dynamic problems demanded by the day-to-day operations of your company.


With a wide range of services designed to satisfy all your hosting requirements under a single solution model, we offer strategic infrastructure solutions that guarantee the continuity of your business.


The new benchmark

of success in the cloud


Storage, Technology, Data, Business Process and Infrastructure

With extensive experience and a methodology, we developed your  application migration process to take each of the elements that make up the systems on the current platform to a new platform, maintaining the original functionality, avoiding as far as possible any exchange rate to the original code.


There are many benefits of using automatic tools, their use ensures greater control in time and form of repetitive activities and administration, in return, we use the time in the "fine" activities of the project.

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